I’m trying to knock stuff off my to-do list (so that I can justify adding to it!)
first up was this found quilt top…


I used leftovers from the new Lazy Daisy Baskets line, by Darlene Zimmerman, with this cute Mother Goose panel… I like the back better than the front….


…probably because the front has this CREEPY naked baby print. Not sure what I was thinking (actually, I’m pretty sure I was just trying to use it up)


It’s quilted with a square spiral radiating from the center, and it’s bound in leftovers from the back, and even the batting was 3 pieces zig-zagged together. and it’s done. so that’s off the list.

Next up, using the Modify Tradition blocks I made however many years ago.


I kept the ones with mistakes, and figured out how to piece themĀ togetherĀ (with lots of Kona white), even though blocks varied in size from 6″ to 16″ (intentionally)…

I quilted in the white with red perle cotton, and stitched in the ditch in the blocks with white-on-top, red-on-the-bottom, because that’s what was loaded in my industrial.



the Bean liked the biggest block best….


every block has this red print that I also used for the back, (which I STILL have lots of left. trying so hard to use it up!).

The binding is a cute picnic/clambake newsprint fabric (bought yesterday from Sew Modern).

it’s intended for picnics, since it’s full of mistakes and is very mismatched, but I like it. as do the kiddos, so we’ll use it.

so that’s 2 things off my WIP list. yay! I’m off to work on the hand quilting of my windmill quilt….

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