Here’s the first of a series of xmas present posts… I made this quilt for my mother-in-law: here’s the front:


and here’s the back: those zigzag edges were not fun to bind.



C tried to take pictures of the long arm quilting I did. It was my first time, and even though I definitely made some mistakes, I think it’s pretty awesome for a first time.

The main part of the quilt is like swirly waves, and then the border was sorta clamshell echos, sorta. (ideas and techniques badly copied from the FreeMotion Project)

I used a magenta-ish color (that I already had, because the Long Arm machine at Sew Modern uses the same Isacord thread that I use on my embroidery machine, so I have LOTS of colors.)

these are pics of the back, so you can see the quilting. it’s a throw sized quilt, like 60×60, maybe? I forgot to measure it, and it’s in Ipswitch now, so I can’t measure it.