As I was frantically knitting this morning, and thinking about how bad I am at presentation (wrapping, arranging, etc) I realized that maybe i can shift my thinking from “I suck at wrapping,” to “I expand so much energy in the making of gifts, (and I’m usually down to the wire, knitting or sewing in my last moments before gifting), that I just don’t have anything left and that’s ok.”… Maybe if I give myself a little grace, I will either learn how to wrap presents nicely, or… I don’t know. I don’t think I will ever manage to finish things early.

Case in point: we celebrate Dinovember in our home, and this is the second year in a row that a new mochimochiland dinosaur pattern has come out halfway through the month so I’ve dropped all plans and frantically knit up some tiny dinos in secret stolen moments of alone time.

Do I have pics though? Well, … 2.

Taken in the dark, on the backseat of the car (I made them while the big kids were at Crew practice) the last night of November.

Crockett was beyond thrilled to find them (in a wild cobweb of yarn and dinosaurs) that last morning, and each kid claimed one (blueish purple for Beanie, green for D, orange for Crockett) and they disappeared to go meet the rest of the collections.

So no cute posed pic, just the 2 pics above. They’re super cute though, even in the dark on a car seat. And my kids were happy. And that’s what matters.