Boy Howdy, its been a minute!

But nothing says “I’m bored, quarentine-fatigued, and missing human connection” like remembering that once upon a time (pre-instagram, obv) you had a blog, and maybe you should try that again…

so here I am

life update: kids are bigger (ages 14, 11.75, and 8, as of this writing), still homeschooled, and I’m going to go back to blogging their homeschool at Eastview Canyon School (link to be added soon). We moved to a storybook ranch house with the most amazing sunset views of los angeles, but it’s kind of a major fixer upper, so theres a lot of HOUSE going on right now. I stopped working for Robert Kaufman because I was just too busy with kids, and I mostly stopped sewing/quilting, for that same reason, but also because I kind of lost my mojo. The new house has a barn/workshop though, so as soon as the holes in the walls get patched, I’ll unpack my sewing stuff and try to start again. These days I mostly knit.

I turned 40 last month, and it was as relaxing and unmomentous as a dreaded milestone could be. (I was sort of worried that I’d have a midlife crisis or something, but no, it’s fine, I don’t mind being 40 at all, it’s quite nice, actually.) C made me another birthday video, and I shared links to it on my vimeo, but I realized that I missed being able to share on my blog (so easy to link!) so I asked for help migrating over to wordpress (part of my lack of blogging was a general dislike of squarespace. I need EASY.) and getting this set up again.


and here are my b-day video links for the past few years, if you want to grab a tissue box and watch my kids grow up.