Bags n babies

D and I stopped by the new Daiso Japan store in Torrance last week. they have cute little metal clasp frames for $1.50, so I bought one and tried it out. I suck at glueing. and next time I’ll make my own shape (less pear-y), but this time I followed the pattern that comes with […]

Purple Pants

  My post-partum body needs clothes, so I made these last week. Fabric is Vera stretch sateen (by RK, of course) in Amethyst. LOVE them. I’ve got some green (Aloe) ready to cut next.    

Block of the day

it seems like journalling is becoming a thing these days, and part of me wants to jump right in and play along, either with lists or special books or whatever, but another part of me remembers the Project Life album I requested 4 years ago that remains unopened, etc, and thinks perhaps something simpler would […]

Another nursing-dress muslin

I had the sick 6 y/o take these pics, so my¬†apologies¬†for the quality (but yay him for being my photographer!) I made this dress up last night, based sorta on the schoolhouse tunic I wore yesterday. it’s another wearable muslin (this fabric is by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman, and is a 1930’s floral ditsy […]

Schoolhouse tunic

I need more nursing-friendly clothing. I emailed Meg at Sew Liberated, and she was super helpful about how to use her patterns for nursing. So I bought the Schoolhouse Tunic, and last night I made a muslin (a wearable muslin, oxymoronical as it may be). I think I need to take it in in a […]


I’m trying to figure out how/where to stop on my Tangerine Tango EPP top. not the side, just the edges…. In theory, every hex should have a square on each side, and then triangles to fill the gaps… If I only do completed hexies, though, 2 of the sides have these hugely uneven edges: and […]

Grape juice season

Our grapes are ripe! they’re small, and very seedy (they’re a native variety called Roger’s Red), but they’re SO super sweet that we can’t possibly waste them! so into the pot they go! Aren’t they gorgeous?!?!?! after straining, the cheesecloth turned indigo, and I had 11 cans of grape juice concentrate! soooo darkly colored you […]

Changing pad

I needed a simple changing pad that would easily fit in my bag so I made one (pencil for scale), using this awesome red/white print (Pop Posies by Nancy Mims for Robert Kaufman, coming soon). I love this print. It looked like plus signs to me until I used it, and now it looks like […]