it seems like journalling is becoming a thing these days, and part of me wants to jump right in and play along, either with lists or special books or whatever, but another part of me remembers the Project Life album I requested 4 years ago that remains unopened, etc, and thinks perhaps something simpler would be better…. so last night I was looking at journals online (because I rarely listen to the latter part of me, I’m all impulse), and saw some 365 book, advising how to do a project for 365 days…. and a lightbulb lit up
So here’s my quilt block of the day (for yesterday):


center is a Cosmo print scrap from my dress, text is Architextures, by Carolyn Freidlander (coming soon by RK). Block measures 4.5″ square, and took 3 minutes.┬áthis fabric combo made me so happy at 11pm last night.

My goal is to do one block every day, with scraps that are on my cutting table. On crazy busy days, I might just cut 2.5″ squares, on relaxed days, I might make a more intense 8.5″ block…. I’m gonna to it magic # style… at the end of the year, I’ll see what it looks like, and maybe turn it into a quilt… or maybe just at the end of the month?

Does anyone want to play with me? (cough cough, Liberty, I’m thinking of you)