Block 3! (I’m on a ROLL!)

  I’m super proud of my stem stitch, so I had to make the picture big so you could all see it. The fabric isn’t really stained, it’s just wet, I couldn’t wait for it to dry before scanning it and posting it. LOVE these flowers. Also just love the way my Grandma draws. CANNOT wait […]

progress, halted…

I’ve started knitting a sweater for D… I have so much yarn left from when I was knitting soakers for the Bean, I need to use it! I am working on a sailor-inspired sweater, using “Knitting without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmerman (when I get rich, I’m gonna buy every book/show/etc she ever made)to help me […]

Embroidered Quilt Block 2

I sorta want to host a QAL, so I have some accountability, but I don’t know if anyone wants to play along…. I made this one last night, to wind myself down (and also to give me a chance to watch an episode of The Tudors, I’m almost done with the whole series) I mostly […]

current projects…

last night and tonight: A birthday dress (with navy blue leggings), for a little girl… I cut into some REALLY pretty yellow (and blue and red) fabric from Sew Modern, and made the Bean a little pleated jumper… She’s about to be a Yellow Bird! I’m super proud of the way I lined up the […]

…and one for the Bean

  She got all excited about it, until she realized it was an L for her real name, instead of a B for Beanie (which, to be fair, was what she asked for; I made the executive decision to overrule her request, and use her real initial) I DID use her fabric choices though, even though I […]

yup, another one….

Yeah, I made another one tonight… The body is a cardinal reddish canvas or twill, and I used this cute little French print (from Momen+, which always has awesome fat quarters) for the contrast: Here’s the bag open; it’s just serged, with a leashed pouch again… I made longer straps for this one, it feels […]

take 3… just to make sure….

I had this leftover super cute green froggie print (from these pants), and some beige-ish twill, so I made another backpack… I admit I thought D would want this one more than the blue one, but nope, he’s sticking with the blue… (he did ask if he could have both, but I ixnay-ed that idea.) […]

embroidered floral block, take 3

Or maybe take 2? I made this one with the black background (and then another one, which I still haven’t photo’d), and hated it. Too…. kitchy? tacky? they reminded me of velvet paintings…. so, back to my favorite solid blue (Kona Bahama Blue): words do not describe my LOVE.

See, I CAN make a good backpack…

After the last post, I feel the need to walk what I talk… so here’s test 2 of my new backpack design… It’s quite a bit fancier, but still pretty beginner friendly. I had about a yard of this aqua twill fabric, (only used 1/2 a yard though), and a fat quarter of these Kokka […]

Uh oh, I’m spoiling the baby!

(not mine, they’re already spoiled) My awesome friend Jon (one of the Bean’s godfathers) and his LOVELY wife Catey, just had a baby boy. We’re planning to visit them soon, but I can’t wait (mostly because I want more pretty pictures (ie, the ones C takes for me) to “feature” on the home page. also […]