(not mine, they’re already spoiled)
My awesome friend Jon (one of the Bean’s godfathers) and his LOVELY wife Catey, just had a baby boy. We’re planning to visit them soon, but I can’t wait (mostly because I want more pretty pictures (ie, the ones C takes for me) to “feature” on the home page. also because I lOOOOOOve this quilt. As does C, who is incredibly jealous of Baby S).

that’s the front. here’s the back:I guess I’m just used to big babies, because this quilt isn’t very newborn sized. it’s almost 60″ square, but it’s FULL of love.

the top is pieced entirely out of scraps (from clothes for my family, and from J &C’s wedding quilt), and then I used the most awesome thread in the world to hand quilt each little piece so that the color would blend in the front, but the back has some really cool colors/shapes.


I had a really hard time photographing the closeups, as everytime I put it down and stepped back, one of the cats would immediately test it for comfort.

Kieran here is being shooed off by the Bean as I take this picture, but he’s been back. I’ll wash it again, obvi, before I present it, but am nonetheless relieved it has passed the kitty-comfort test.