After the last post, I feel the need to walk what I talk… so here’s test 2 of my new backpack design… It’s quite a bit fancier, but still pretty beginner friendly. I had about a yard of this aqua twill fabric, (only used 1/2 a yard though), and a fat quarter of these Kokka frogs… add in some red bias tape and zippers, and a little fusible fleece, and this fancy pup was done!

It fit’s D perfectly (and he’s actually excited to wear this one!), even though I made it to be a small bag for me. But he can have it. I can’t resist this face:


He was showing me the pencil bag I made to go inside it. (The pencil bag and backpack were stuffed by D with newspaper to look full). The no-lips look is his way of trying to contain his happiness so it doesn’t BURST out.

I added lots of little details to this one. (not just a little pencil bag with my leftover zipper). I padded the straps with fusible fleece, so they’re a little squishy, (and because they’re cotton, they’re soft and breathable on shoulders!), and I used the frog fabric on the inside part of the straps, so there’s a little peek of fun, but it’s not TOO novelty, ya know?


I also added a little loop on the inside (in case keys need to be attached, like via a carabiner), and a little zipperbag on a strap, (so it can’t come out and get lost), so that D can put little treasures or some money or something inside, and it can’t fall out.

The outer pocket has a flap (with simple decorative top-stitching), but no snaps or zippers or anything; it’s just a flap pocket to hold some cars or something… a little notebook would fit, or a grocery list, or a phone, if you weren’t afraid it would fall out….

since not everyone has a serger, but finished seams are prettier than raw edges, I used some store-bought bias tape (because I had it, it was a great color, and, um, it was right there, ready to go. It would be fun to make some to match the novelty print though… next time)


I love the color combo, and the fact that the inside is so pretty. I dunno who loves/wants it more, me or D!