She got all excited about it, until she realized it was an L for her real name, instead of a B for Beanie (which, to be fair, was what she asked for; I made the executive decision to overrule her request, and use her real initial)

I DID use her fabric choices though, even though I wasn’t sure about them! (she was right, the frogs and cars ARE cute). The main fabric is called “car-box” and it’s a light home-dec weight cotton-linen blend by echino. the frogs are on a similar fabric, I think made by Kokka, but I don’t know what it’s called.

(it’s the same frog print as in the 1st backpack, but in a different colorway (pink/green/purple), and it is HANDS DOWN the bean’s favorite fabric EVER. she carries a fat quarter of it around to be a dolly blanket all the time)

I kept the backpack body the same size, but shortened the straps (like 4 inches), so it fits her body pretty well

It even stays on while she jumps around!

yay! Ok, NOW I’m done until my class! call the store to sign up! (the Big Enough Backpack PDF pattern will be available to buy around the same time)