a “u” seam?

it’s sorta hard to see, but I love how well it came out….see the owls in the top left? it’s 2 pieces! I set the corner piece into the block, because the green and owl parts were too small… you can SORTA see it here on the back, but not really. I’m super proud of […]


486 4″ blocks (18×27), each made from 9.5″ squares of Kona Espresso (that’s roughly 35 yards of Espresso) 11 spools of Guterman Silk thread, 1 skein of white sashiko cotton thread, 1 spool of white silk button hole twist, 12 seams per block= 5832 seams (all the white thread is hand stitching). 2 charm packs […]

WF Wednesday!

its Works FINISHED Wednesday! Aneela Hooey did this awesome QAL earlier this year, and I loved it. (she calls it pickledish, but here in the USA, it’s a double wedding ring, and a pickledish is a quilt with triangle-y pieced rings, so I never know what to call it)… Anyway, I made like 2 rings, […]


So, I’ve had this silver thimble for a while, it’s fine, CHEAP, and easily replaceable…. BUt I’ve been doing a lot of hand quilting lately, and so decided to buy a backup… I bought this Fons and Porter gold-colored (brass) one. Today, I used it all day, in lieu of the nice silver one…  LOOK […]


Here's another one… (these things are SO addictive!!!)

more birthday presents….

I used some of the birthday present fabric I got this morning to make presents for the kidlets…. I love the pockets I made. they’re angled, not curved, sorta like part of an octagon… (there’re street signs on the pants) I used a recycled t-shirt for a yoga-pants waist band… not sure if the shirt […]

Happy Birthday to ME!

I made myself a birthday dress last night/this morning, but it’s TOO COLD to wear it. so I’m back in jeans and a long sleeved shirt….