So, I’ve had this silver thimble for a while, it’s fine, CHEAP, and easily replaceable…. BUt I’ve been doing a lot of hand quilting lately, and so decided to buy a backup… I bought this Fons and Porter gold-colored (brass) one. Today, I used it all day, in lieu of the nice silver one… 
Dish soap and water does not remove this horrible green tinge from my finger. (Does any one know what I can do to get it off? I assume it’s a chemical reaction of some sort?)
So, uh, be warned. Buy the cheap one. It won’t stain your finger. 

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  1. I have a ring that contains copper and in the beginning it did the same to my finger. – Ever noticed how church roofs turn green over the years? That's because the copper shingles oxidate over time. Sweat is a little on the acidic side and catalises the oxidation process, but it shouldn't be harmful and does go away by itself…
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