I used some of the birthday present fabric I got this morning to make presents for the kidlets….

I love the pockets I made. they’re angled, not curved, sorta like part of an octagon… (there’re street signs on the pants)
I used a recycled t-shirt for a yoga-pants waist band… not sure if the shirt I used had enough lycra though… might need to add a drawstring.
My little dude has NO hips/butt, so I’m not sure ANYTHING will stay up on him.
I didn’t hem the pants, but used the selveges. 

Easiest pants ever. self-drafted, 30 minutes, from cutting to wearing. LOVE. 

(The trick to awesome pants like this is awesome fabric, which unfortunately costs a bundle. But it was on sale at momen + for 1/2 off, so it was only $10/yd, I only needed 3/4 of a yard, it was in D’s favorite color, and it was my birthday. So now he has cute Mama’s-birthday-pants.)
Of course, I can’t ignore the Bean. So, inspired by the pretty fabric, here’s her Mama’s-birthday-dress:

I’m loving the idea of it, even if the execution was slightly confused….

it’s got a REALLY high twirl-factor.

It’s long enough to cover her skivvies.

She think’s it’s comfortable, and likes the colorful horses….

but is ultimately unimpressed, as it is green and orange. The Bean is NOT a fan of green OR orange. so…. um… I guess I’ll save it? it’s got lots of room for growing…. I’d give it away, but the construction is a little messy, so I don’t want anyone to see the insides….

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