its Works FINISHED Wednesday!

Aneela Hooey did this awesome QAL earlier this year, and I loved it. (she calls it pickledish, but here in the USA, it’s a double wedding ring, and a pickledish is a quilt with triangle-y pieced rings, so I never know what to call it)… Anyway, I made like 2 rings, and then quit, because I couldn’t keep up….

but then C went to Alaska for several weeks, and I was going nuts, so I pulled all the pieces back out, and whipped the entire top out in 2 weeks!

It has been steadily used, while being hand quilted at parks, and keeping me warm at night, and going to picnics, etc…
because I added the sashing, it’s a whopping 110″ square (sorta square, as I randomly curved 1 corner of the quilt. not sure why/how I did that)
It’s ALL from stash. Konas and reproduction feedsack prints, and other random stuff, cotton and linen and blends…
I forgot to take a pic of the back, but I will do so soon, and post that too, it’s got a few little pieces in it to make it slightly more interesting…

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