486 4″ blocks (18×27), each made from 9.5″ squares of Kona Espresso (that’s roughly 35 yards of Espresso)

11 spools of Guterman Silk thread, 1 skein of white sashiko cotton thread, 1 spool of white silk button hole twist, 12 seams per block= 5832 seams (all the white thread is hand stitching).

2 charm packs of Kona Solids (the Dusty colors), plus, um, at least 4 yards of Kona White, cut into 2.5″ squares.

no mojitos, but LOTS of television. and books on tape. LOTS. (TV: Covert Affairs, White Collar, SYTYCD, ANTM, Burn Notice, Bachelor/ette, The Tudors, BOT: The Other Queen, The Alchemist’s Daughter, The King’s Mistress, Thimble Summer. And LOTS of podcasts of This American Life)

72×108 makes this perfect for my Cal-King bed, as it’s too heavy to fold over the top/hang off the bottom without falling off the bed entirely. it’s almost like a “bed scarf,” albeit a very large and heavy one.

it’s MAYBE my favorite quilt ever. I especially love the personal meaning…
Now I’ve just got to finish embroidering my name/date on that one lone white square in the top left corner, and then it’s actually really and forever done.
soooooo many hours.
so worth it.

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