you guessed it….

…another one.Ring Around the Rosey, take 3. bias taped armholes, random stashed red fabric, and some DS Quilts for the collar… size 6, and, now that it’s been tried on and then hemmed, it’s on it’s way to D’s best girlfriend….

and another one….

I found some red seersucker in the garage today, and was looking for something to go with it, and realized that the 4th of July is this weekend… we don’t have any real plans, other than to climb the hill in the backyard to watch the fireworks in the port (and maybe the ones off […]


I was working on a big quilty project last night, but at around 9, I couldn’t resist the pull of a new idea anymore, so I grabbed some old (not-particularly-Bean-friendly) fabric scraps and in less than an hour, I had this: I’ve seen (and made) similar styles with knits quite often, but rarely have I […]

done! (sorta)

Do you all remember the story of HennyPenny? where the sky is falling? my kiddos loved that when they were JUST starting to listen to stories… I think they’re favorite part was me getting all tongue-twisted as I tried to say HennyPenny, ChickenLicken, GooseyLoosey, etc…. ANYWAY, here is the latest dress pattern, the HennyPenny dress. […]

Sharing (sometimes)

My little sprite “let me” use “her” crayons this morning, so I sat out in the sun while the kiddos chased bubbles, and colored. There’s something about rainbows… Yesterday we tried to find rainbows everywhere we went, so today I colored them. Not sure where I’m gonna go with it though… Too many ideas! I […]

science experiments

I’ve been have been really unhappy with my elastic shirring lately. I’ve been doing everything the same way I always have, but getting saggy results. I noticed that my elastic thread (dritz brand, maybe? whatever they sell at my Joanns) is skinnier than it used to be… and then I was downtown a few weeks […]

Easy as Pie dress…

Do y’all have a Rolled Hem foot for your sewing machine? It makes this dress take about 30 minutes to sew, (and it’s also incredibly useful for lots of other garments). I’ve basically stopped doing all other sorts of hems, I love this foot so much. (I have the high-shank one, for my Bernina, but […]

D’s birthday shirt

Ok, business first… If you responded to this post in the comments and haven’t heard back from me, that’s because you didn’t leave an email address, and I can’t find one on your google profile. Please email me using the link on my profile page! ALSO, I’m about a week away from finishing a very […]

Jury-rigging a 5

no sewing tonight. (other than maybe a quiver…. we’ll see how my indoor (as opposed to garage) sewing machine likes sewing vinyl… it might happen tomorrow instead) ANYWAY, tonight is all about the cake. (two little cakes, 1 for each child tonight. btw, the pans are not the same size, but each have the same […]