I was working on a big quilty project last night, but at around 9, I couldn’t resist the pull of a new idea anymore, so I grabbed some old (not-particularly-Bean-friendly) fabric scraps and in less than an hour, I had this:

I’ve seen (and made) similar styles with knits quite often, but rarely have I seen it done with quilting cotton. So I’m quite pleased with this, and especially the lack of itchy parts… I was able to finish or encase all the raw edges, so the Bean thinks it’s quite comfortable, and actually wants to wear it, despite its color. (She likes blue, but the floral background is a mottled beige color….)

See how much she likes it?

it’s stretchy enough to EASILY fit over her ginormous head, but snug enough to stay on her tiny shoulders.

it has 2 pockets

it’s long enough to cover her underpants, even when she uses the pockets to lift it up

(she’s pouting because I asked if I should take it off her and put her in a different dress. So I think she likes it!)

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