Fabric is Honk-Honk (brown) by Michael Miller, trim is a blue/brown shot cotton, pattern is my own.  Radiator and Killy aren’t related, but ARE a huge dose of fluffy orange goodness Between the new kitten (shown pestering his adult doppleganger, my Killian), C’s birthday (last week), D’s birthday party (tomorrow), D’s birthday (Sunday), father’s day, […]

B. Black & Sons (aka heaven)

Last Wednesday, the kidlets and I went on an adventure to the garment district in downtown LA. I wanted to find Silk Buttonhole Twist (but I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it, so I wanted to see it first). I found this place online, and so we went.  view from the cash register. those […]

My latest project…

…is taming our new feral kitten. (and explaining the nature of wild animals to a 4yo.) Miraculously, he survived a 15-mile freeway journey while hiding in the engine of C’s 4-Runner. I’m not sure what color he’ll be when we finish getting the grime off him (he’s soooo dirty from living under the Metro in […]

the PERFECT beach hat

floppy with a wide brim a pocket for keys raggedy edges (inspired by those old straw hats) lined/reversible soft and cushy and in colors to match D’s school!

Tiny hotpads

Sorry for the bad iphone photos, but I was rushing to get pictures before they get covered in mud! they’re for a kitchen which specializes in mud-pies, after all… straight line quilting I grabbed some scraps that matched the colors she chose for the kitchen… random straight lines quilted and bound them (sloppily) in less than 30 […]

Play kitchen…

Under construction… (built by C from a thrifted nightstand, wall bracket, and some scrap wood. Color design by The Bean, spray-painted by me)

reversible (but still simple)

I had this awesome hawaiian print in my stash, so I pulled it out, with some coordinating Kona I decided to try the simple dress again, without the shirring, but with knotted straps. pretty cute, right? I mean, the straps are too long, but that’s better than too short. she’s feeling around for pockets unfortunately, […]

the Perfect Beach Hat

This morning was D’s moving up. He’s no longer the biggest Yellow Bird at Beach School. Now he’s the biggest Red Bird (and the Bean is the littlest incoming Yellow Bird)D asked me to make hats for his teachers, (guess where the color scheme came from). we used a cute squirrel print for the hat […]