I’ve been have been really unhappy with my elastic shirring lately. I’ve been doing everything the same way I always have, but getting saggy results. I noticed that my elastic thread (dritz brand, maybe? whatever they sell at my Joanns) is skinnier than it used to be… and then I was downtown a few weeks ago, and I bought this HUGE cone of it (no name brand, but the store was called ACE Sewing, and the people were really nice). So D and I conducted an experiment to test the difference. (Click the pictures to see them bigger)

2 pieces, taped together at 1 end, cut to the same length. (I’m holding  the taped end down with my foot)
Contortionism! D took this picture. the skinny one doesn’t stretch NEARLY as far as the new thick stuff.
after sewing, before shirring. all on a simple muslin rectangle.
close up of basting stitch (my machine calls this stitch length 5) before steaming
close up of regular stitch and a single basting stitch, before steaming.
after steaming! (the pen marks show the length before I steamed.)
such a difference!

So I have no idea what brand to use, but different brands make a HUGE difference! I’m sorta thinking of selling my kind in small lengths on etsy, since it’s so good….

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