I’ve been have been really unhappy with my elastic shirring lately. I’ve been doing everything the same way I always have, but getting saggy results. I noticed that my elastic thread (dritz brand, maybe? whatever they sell at my Joanns) is skinnier than it used to be… and then I was downtown a few weeks ago, and I bought this HUGE cone of it (no name brand, but the store was called ACE Sewing, and the people were really nice). So D and I conducted an experiment to test the difference. (Click the pictures to see them bigger)

2 pieces, taped together at 1 end, cut to the same length. (I’m holding  the taped end down with my foot)
Contortionism! D took this picture. the skinny one doesn’t stretch NEARLY as far as the new thick stuff.
after sewing, before shirring. all on a simple muslin rectangle.
close up of basting stitch (my machine calls this stitch length 5) before steaming
close up of regular stitch and a single basting stitch, before steaming.
after steaming! (the pen marks show the length before I steamed.)
such a difference!

So I have no idea what brand to use, but different brands make a HUGE difference! I’m sorta thinking of selling my kind in small lengths on etsy, since it’s so good….

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  1. oooooh! SO interesting. I bet you anything that's what's going on here. I've been buying the teeny tiny cheapy ones from JoAnn too. Thank you thank you for sharing this!!!

  2. Got here through Rae. Just about to start my first try in elastic thread and will just jump in with thread I find anywhere but Joann's! Love the "science" take!

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