Ok, business first… If you responded to this post in the comments and haven’t heard back from me, that’s because you didn’t leave an email address, and I can’t find one on your google profile. Please email me using the link on my profile page! ALSO, I’m about a week away from finishing a very VERY easy dress pattern, and need testers for that too. so please CONTACT ME DIRECTLY and let me know you’re interested! thanks!
Last week was D’s 5th birthday, and he told me he expected to get a new birthday shirt (last year he got this one, and it’s still a hit, but it’s getting REALLY short on him). So I made this one, remember?
Today was the first time I got a picture of it on him, and I’m LOVING IT! (luckily, he is too!)

back view (I need to make coordinating pants!)
front view!
celebrating the big 5!
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