4 shirts to 4 dresses in 4 hours…

I gave myself a little challenge a few days ago, to make 4 dresses for Lilly (D’s girlfriend) from 4 of her mom’s old Trader Joes tshirts, in 4 hours…this one’s my favorite, maybe. LOVE the colors, love the logo placement, love the flutter sleeves…thisone’s just a regular peasant-dress, but it’s still pretty cute!it’s actually […]

fluttery and pink and covered in berry juice.

this was a Nike shirt from my friend Angel, and it had a huge swoosh across the front…so this is a shirt, not a dress, but MAN, does the Bean ever LOVE this.she insisted on wearing it as soon as she saw it, (though she put it on backwards, hence the seam in the “front” […]

my crafty husband….

….made these for me: I pruned the grapes, and he sat and wove these for me! Aren’t they FAB! (we learned last year that he is MUCH MUCH MUCH better at wreath-making than I am. not sure why, he swears it’s just a natural talent that he discovered last year, but I think secretly he […]

Garage girl…

It’s probably no surprise, but our little princess has her father WRAPPED around her little finger. It was only fitting that I make up some girly little dresses from his old t-shirts… this combo, (a brown striped polo, and a light blue Pedro shirt), just reminded me SO much of C, that I HAD to […]

Time management

Um, I need help. My crafty to-do list today is:1) Make paper bag roses (the pic is of the paper bags we painted already, but I need to figure out how to import my templates so my silhouette can cut all the petals and leaves)2) embroider the designs from weeks 3&4 for the stitchalong3) iron […]

my daughter, the HAM

I made another peasant top, this time long sleeved… it’s to be a top for an older child, but my daughter assumes that she gets EVERYTHING I make (seriously, if I’ve got anything in my hands, she walks up and says, in the cutest possible way, with a head tilt and smile “what you making […]

bits of a weekend…

I finally took down our Xmas/evergreen wreath, and the door was very bare, so I took the sunday LA Times, and made this wreath. it’s a biggun, like, over a foot wide… LOTS of roses from strips of newspaper, print, comics, ads, etc. I really really REALLY love it. It makes me SO happy!I’m not […]

sweet little mermaids…

I made these three little mermaidens based on one in Wee Wonderfuls…. I didn’t really follow the directions, but since I DID use the patterns, the finished result is pretty similar…here’s a close up of each one… (the Bean has chosen this red Navy one as her own) the other two, (crabby and strawberry) are […]


I finally (a week late, so I’ll cut myself some slack) finished this little dude…the linen looks blotchy, cause I couldn’t wait for the water to dry after I erased the pen…He’s motif #1 from the Doodle Stitch-A-Long… I also made mittens for some of D’s schoolmates… I now consider myself an expert preschool-mitten-maker. I’ve […]

here’s week 2!

…of the doodle stich along with Aimee Ray I changed the colorings of the children, just to match mine. When the Bean saw the sketch, all in blue washable ink, she told me it was a picture of her and Darren, so I decided the boy should be blonde like him, and the girl brunette […]