….made these for me:

I pruned the grapes, and he sat and wove these for me! Aren’t they FAB! (we learned last year that he is MUCH MUCH MUCH better at wreath-making than I am. not sure why, he swears it’s just a natural talent that he discovered last year, but I think secretly he MUST have attended wreath-making summer camps or something all through his childhood to be THIS good at them.
Lest you be unimpressed, thinking these are small little doodads, check this out:

see that big one? it’s like 2.5 feet high! and sturdy! I can’t WAIT to decorate it!

the little ones are over a foot high, and the middle one is probably 2 feet. LOVE my dude!

also, I made this teeny quilt block for one of my Bee’s. it’s for a tiny town quilt, and I decided every quilter needs a little quilting barn.

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  1. this is great! I just made my own wreaths from our pruned grapevine. I'm curious to see what you decorated them with though – mine have remained empty on my front porch, not sure about what to do to them that isn't tacky…. did you finish them yet?

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