I finally took down our Xmas/evergreen wreath, and the door was very bare, so I took the sunday LA Times, and made this wreath. it’s a biggun, like, over a foot wide… LOTS of roses from strips of newspaper, print, comics, ads, etc.

I really really REALLY love it. It makes me SO happy!
I’m not sure if I saw one once that inspired me or not, but I just sat down and did this… if anyone wants a tute, let me know, and I’ll whip one out. it was really really fun to make.

I also made these little bags/backpacks today, probably for the auction, but D really wants the crab one, and the bean wants the other one, so we’ll see if these make it to the auction or not…
now I’m off to sew… we stopped into Momen + as a family on saturday, and C pointed out a dress sample that would be really cute on the Bean, so I’m gonna try to whip it out today or tomorrow and surprise them…

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