crabby apron

here’re some detail shots of the crabby apron I made yesterday… it’s now hidden away at the top of the closet until I need to pull it out for the auction. bright green ruffles, neck strings, and waistband, long enough to fit a 2-5 year old, and the sweetest little crab print ever!

SILK socks!

it’s a silk wool blend, actually.I’ve had to restart this sock 4 times, but I’m finally pretty happy with my design.the bottom is just knit plain, but the top has an asymetrical pattern knit into it, which I TOTALLY love.I keep having to remind myself to write down the pattern and the changes I make […]

I love Beach School….. THIS much

here’s the other item I’m making for D’s preschool fundraiser…a pinwheel quilt! I had a “batik strip set” (or something like that) that I bought over a year agofrom the Urban Craft Center, so I pulled it out, sewed pairs of strips, and then decided on this pinwheel hexagon layout it’s actually turning out bigger […]

Worlds Best Kitty.

I was knitting and reading during nap time today. Killian cuddled/napped/purred with me, and he's just so fluffy/orange/cuddly/cute, that I had no choice but to subject everyone to these photos.

Aprons #2 & 3

I also made 2 small, kid-sized aprons…a lovely little lollipop apron, with a pocket on the bib… and a cute crab apron, but it got stolen, before I could even snip threads… my little thief got a treat from the ice cream truck, and immediately dripped chocolate all over it’s in the laundry, and […]

Apron #1…

D’s school is having a fundraising auction party thing next month, so I decided to make some aprons to auction off… here’s the first one… an adult 1/2 apron… with fleur de lis all over it… so I scanned the fleur de lis, enlarged it, and used some perle thread to embroider it on some […]

double wedding square

I really like traditional double wedding ring quilts, but I wanted to try a more square-ish design… I just sorta drew out the design on a piece of newspaper and went at it… I’m not sure I love it, but I DOOOO love the back:isn’t it COOL?!?!?!?


D really really really wanted me to make him the stuffed trolley from Wee Wonderfulsso here it is: D did NOT want button wheels, because that wouldn’t be soft and squishy in his bed. he wanted felt, so I improv-ed these.he’s super happy, therefore, I am super happy.(also, I really want to make EVERYTHING else […]

Bee Blocks!

I’ve never heard of this block before, but it was fun and quick, and I LOVE the way it looks now, with 2 blocks together…here’s one, alone:and here’s the other:and here’s the back, because I love quilt backs.

Paw Prints!

I have this awesome idea for a quilt for D… so I tested the block by making a throw pillow for the living room…the back is just bright turquoise minkee, but the front is this block:isn’t it cool?It’s sometimes called Snake Trail, or Drunkard’s Trail (NOT drunkard’s path, which I also love)you can put a […]