Merry Xmas to me!!!

I’ve had an industrial Singer straight stitch garment machine for years, and it sits in my living room and is used daily. But I can’t quilt on it. I also have a Bernina Artista 730 which I DO quilt on, but only small stuff. um. I don’t do a lot of small stuff. I have […]

Bags n babies

D and I stopped by the new Daiso Japan store in Torrance last week. they have cute little metal clasp frames for $1.50, so I bought one and tried it out. I suck at glueing. and next time I’ll make my own shape (less pear-y), but this time I followed the pattern that comes with […]


I’m trying to figure out how/where to stop on my Tangerine Tango EPP top. not the side, just the edges…. In theory, every hex should have a square on each side, and then triangles to fill the gaps… If I only do completed hexies, though, 2 of the sides have these hugely uneven edges: and […]

new workspace….

I have a LOT of fabric. and right now, most of it looks like this: it started in organized bins and tubs… Quilting Cottons, Knits, Home Dec, etc…. but as my stash expanded, the bins started overflowing… so now we’re working on something like this: I’m slowly folding all my fabric onto comic book boards […]


I’m trying to knock stuff off my to-do list (so that I can justify adding to it!) first up was this found quilt top… I used leftovers from the new Lazy Daisy Baskets line, by Darlene Zimmerman, with this cute Mother Goose panel… I like the back better than the front…. …probably because the front […]

Overwhelmed by WIP’s Wednesday…

I had to take a blood test at the Dr this morning, and took some quilty books to look at while waiting for the hour to pass… As I did so, I reminded myself that I have several unfinished projects… I made a list… this is stuff that’s already been cut/started (but just fabric/yarn purchased/saved […]

KCWC: Monster butt Longies

I’m *still* waiting for my Ottobres, which I want for D, and the Bean has been such a disaster I’m totally unmotivated to sew for her from her sloper. So I’m knitting another pair of longies for Crockett. I’m using the Budgie Bloomers pattern again, but I think I figured out how to make them […]

Market time

I got my postage stamp quilt top done just in time. Quilting it will have to wait till June, as I’ve been informed that the craze of market has begun. This week I have to paper piece a quilt top: Design, sew, and write the pattern for a duvet cover; make a clutch bag or […]

Weekend prep…

I’m super excited (and grateful) to get to go away for a sewing weekend with some friends (and some hopefully-soon-to-be-friends that I’ve never met)… I have lots of plans of what I’m going to work on, so to make things go more smoothly (and make sure I bring the right supplies/amounts), I’ve been pre-cutting here, […]

Baby boy quilt-in-progress, take 2

First, she sorted… (Well, first I sewed, THEN she sorted) Then we played. This one is much smaller, probably 45×55, so it’ll actually be for the baby. But it’s the same fabric line as D’s quilt, so they’ll coordinate. Cause clearly my house is all about coordination (not!) C just ordered me an early birthday […]