Directions for making 8×8″ unfinished blocks

If desired, start by improving some side panels. Side panels will be 8 x 3.75, so make something bigger than that that can be trimmed down.



cut the pieces

2 green side panels that measure 8 x 3.75, and one black or dark grey Road strip that measures 2 x 8″



sew together, press, and you’re done.



IF you want to get fancy, you can make a corner piece.


to make a corner piece, you’ll need

Road: 2 x 5″ and 2 x 3.75″ and a strip of green that’s 2 x 3.75″

Green side: 3.75 x 8″

Green corners: 3.75″ squares.

Sew the squares on either side of the 2 x 3.75″ road panel to make a side panel with a horizontal line

Sew the 2 x 3.75″ green strip to the top of the 2 x 5″ road

Sew the center strip to the pieced side so that the black roads intersect neatly.


square up the corner piece so you can attach the remaining side piece (pressed fabric is easier to square up, but i was rushing)

sew on the last side piece (which can be pieced, or just a whole plain fabric), press, and you’re done!



I’ll be sewing them together to make a maze… corners and even T’s are welcome, but straight pieces are totally useful (and easier to do with lots of patchwork), so you can decide what you’d like to do.  2 blocks each, please, as simple or complicated as you like.



thanks everyone!