I just added a new PDF pattern to the shop, the SpeedyZip Dress, (named by my kiddos).
it started like this:

speedyzip dress

but that neckline was too big.

so I tried this (with Zoe Ingram’s Carried Away fabrics):

speedyzip dress

she loved it so much that every single picture of her in it is blurry as she dances around

here’s another sample (made with Valori Wells’ Blueprints Basics fabrics)


I got her to hold still by saying it was a ballet recital, so she’s curtsey-ing here.

the pattern looks like this

SpeedyZip cover

and is super awesome. It’s a speedy sew, perfect to make for birthday presents.

here’s one I made using Jennifer Sampou’s new Color:FULL fabric for a little friend turning 6:CAM03416

and here’s the 12m made for a baby’s first birthday:


I hope you love it as much as I do!!! click here to purchase the PDF pattern.

(if you’re local, I’m teaching it as a class Saturday, June 21 at Sew Modern)