How I spin multi-points.

Hey Lindsey, this is how I spin my triangle points. 1. I figure out how to sew 1/2 the block (so I have a straight 180 line.) (sample quickly made with leftover bunting triangles, so they’re not perfect, but they were already cut and near my machine). Finger press (or iron press, but I’m too […]

cheater pillowcase tutorial

3 seams (plus a hem). 1 cut (more like a trim). 5 minutes. endless possibilities.   Supplies: 1/2 yard fun cotton fabric 1/4 yard contrasting cotton fabric   First things first: trim off the selvedge from the 1/2 yard print, and send it to my friend Jules. Fold the fabric inside out (so the right […]

Selvedges and order.

So I made 1 of the 9 Swoon blocks (with soon-to-be-released Fiesta fabrics, by Robert Kaufman) last night, and did all the cutting for all the blocks… In order to stay organized as I chain piece, I used my selvedge trimmings to mark which fabrics (there are 18, plus background) go where. I trimmed at […]

a little quilt marking tip (and more finished projects)

So, you know when you have to draw diagonal lines on squares? Sometimes I don’t have a fancy water-soluble pen handy, and chalk rubs off if you’re doing hundreds of squares at a time (ask me how I know)… but if you try to mark with a sharp pencil, especially a regular 2B pencil, sometimes […]

How to make a toddler playsuit/romper from an adult t-shirt (part 1)

Today I’m going to show you how to make THIS: I took OODLES of pictures, so every step should be really clear, but email me if it’s not! you will need: a shirt (I used adult small. It needs to be as long as your child from shoulder to ankle…. (or to knee if you […]

How to make snap crotch for a toddler romper/playsuit

OK, so hopefully you’ve read the part about how to cut/sew the basic shape of the romper, and all that remains is to make the snap crotch (that sounds so weird!) so, take one strip of stretchy coordinating fabric, serge the narrow ends, and line the ends up with the ends of one “U”, wrong […]


I saw 2 really awesome tutorials in my google reader today, and while I don’t usually link to other people’s stuff here, I am going to today. Purely selfishly, since I want to be able to find these again! first, I saw these awesome flowers: tutorial here then I saw this awesome tute on how […]

toddler/boys boxer-briefs!

Look what I made tonight:Cutie patutie boys underpants from old baby clothes!Start to finish, including cutting time, I can whip one of these bad boys out in less than 10 minutes! (rereading this after posting, this sounds really dirty!) These would also work as “boy shorts” for a girl… with girlier fabric… I just wanted […]


I dunno if anyone is holding their breath out there in blogworld, but here’s the tute I made on how to make a skirt from a pair of men’s trousers… This skirt is inspired by this page in Blueprints of Fashion. There aren’t any directions in the book (because it’s just photos of the pattern […]