Hey Lindsey, this is how I spin my triangle points.
1. I figure out how to sew 1/2 the block (so I have a straight 180 line.) (sample quickly made with leftover bunting triangles, so they’re not perfect, but they were already cut and near my machine).

Finger press (or iron press, but I’m too lazy) all the seams the same direction (here, to the right side of the points).


2. Make the other half, and again, press all the seams the same way. (to the right of the points, in the example, but left works too!)


3. Sew the 2 halves together, locking the center lumps as you sew so the points stay sharp. Note the lump in the middle.


4. Use your seam ripper to gently separate your little dog ears in the middle, so that all the seams are going the same way. you might have to unpick a stitch or two , but it’s easy.


see how now, all the seams are going the same way?

5. press with your regular iron. you’ll have perfect points. (this picture does NOT show a pressed block, just the right side of the block. press if you actually want perfect points).


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  1. Thank you!! I should have spun my blocks on my butterfly quilt. I’ve got a few lumps. 🙁 Nothing I can do about it now, but :(. I’ll do better next time. 🙂

  2. Genius!!!!! This makes perfect sense, thank your so much!! You make me want to redo the middle of my marcelle medallion, lol.

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