3 seams (plus a hem).
1 cut (more like a trim).

5 minutes.

endless possibilities.



1/2 yard fun cotton fabric

1/4 yard contrasting cotton fabric


First things first: trim off the selvedge from the 1/2 yard print, and send it to my friend Jules.

Fold the fabric inside out (so the right sides are together, but it’s still a “hamburger” fold, not a “hot dog” fold)

Starting on one of the folded corners, sew 1 side all the way to the end, and finish the seam (in the picture below, the seam is on the left side, the fold on the bottom, and the now-removed-selvedges are on top.)

(If you have a serger, you can make this pillowcase in 5 minutes or less. If you only have a regular straight stitch machine, it’ll take you 10 minutes, because you need to finish your seams in some way. Pinking or zigzagging is totally good enough.  Either way, consider a 1/2 seam allowance to be your goal.)

Grab your 1/4 yard, and remove the selvedge, send it to Julie (btw, send it to her because she makes things like this).

Now line up (don’t bother pinning, you’re sewing 2 straight lines together) a long side of the 1/4 yard with the now-missing-selvedge edges of the 1/2 yard, right sides together, and sew, then finish the seams.

Here’s the picture of the 1/4 yard (black Heath, below), sewn to the 1/2 yard (Riley Blake pirates):

You’ll notice that the open end looks like this:

So line up your ruler and snip that off (this is the only cutting you have to do the whole time!):

Now sew, again starting at the fold line, (and again, don’t bother pinning, it’s a straight line!), towards the 1/4 yard. Finish your seams.

Now, if you’re super lazy unmotivated busy, you can just serge or zigzag the open end of the pillowcase, and TADA!


(if you have more time, or are giving this to someone who’s not a 5 year old boy desperate for a Peter Pan themed pillowcase, fold over your raw edges 2 times, and then sew down, just like a normal hem).

Obviously you could insert piping between the fabrics, or do any number of fancier things, but this is the CHEATER pillowcase, the one where you don’t have to do anything other than buy and sew (and cut once).  If you’re feeling picky, don’t choose a 1/2 yard that’s directional, or you will wind up with sideways giraffes.

Luckily for me, my son is not picky.

Oh, and heads up, I’m going to post a fabric giveaway tomorrow. RK just gave me a TON more fabric for another quilt, and I’m drowning in the excess. (Tess, you’re still getting oodles of it).