KCWC finale: Vintage patterns….

C and I had a morning date to the antique flea market, and while he was busy inspecting and buying a vintage cash register (seriously, for work), I stumbled upon these gems. Priced at $2-3 each, I absolutely could not resist. none of them are the right size, but I can grade the size 1’s […]

KCWC raglan t-shirt

My son has a really big head, so when I saw this snapped raglan shirt pattern from Ottobre Magazine, I KNEW I needed to make it for D. But it’s only in toddler sizes. SO, I decided to make the pattern in the largest toddler size for the Bean, and the then figure out how […]

KCWC sailor pants

trying to photograph a five-year-old boy is an exercise in frustration… except that this one is so goofy, I can’t help laughing… neither can he. he also can’t hold still. or just look nicely at the camera. at all. ever. so here’s a picture of the pants on the hanger last night… check out these […]

KCWC success dress

I admit, one of the reasons I love having a daughter is so I can sew for her. I mean, those sailor pants were cool, but that boy would rather play in his underpants in the mud than sew and model… so this morning, the Bean and I made this… This dress has achieved something […]

KCWC day 5: dress and MAIL!

we had to go buy RK supplies this morning, at Joanns (double sided fusible interfacing is not something I stock in large amounts), and the Bean found this butterfly fabric, so here’s her new dress… I had exactly this much of the Kona solid left from a quilt top for one pocket, and I used […]

KCWC: Monster butt Longies

I’m *still* waiting for my Ottobres, which I want for D, and the Bean has been such a disaster I’m totally unmotivated to sew for her from her sloper. So I’m knitting another pair of longies for Crockett. I’m using the Budgie Bloomers pattern again, but I think I figured out how to make them […]

Day 3: KCW challenge

I bought this birthday card from Trader Joe’s several months ago, for no reason other than that I LOVE the dress. Since my Ottobre Kids mags *STILL* haven’t arrived (ok, magazines from Norway or wherever they are have a right to take a while), I think I’m going to attempt this today. Time to see […]

KCWC day 1: a red froggie dress

I love honeycomb stitches… I spent all day on a quilt for C, (for his office), and then realized that it was the first day of the challenge, (and the Ottobre Kids magazines I ordered haven’t come yet), so I grabbed some Kona Tomato (left over from the bunting quilt), and some scraps of this […]