How I spin multi-points.

Hey Lindsey, this is how I spin my triangle points. 1. I figure out how to sew 1/2 the block (so I have a straight 180 line.) (sample quickly made with leftover bunting triangles, so they’re not perfect, but they were already cut and near my machine). Finger press (or iron press, but I’m too […]

Sewing with leather: success!

  I dream of leather bag making, but something always to go wrong. Skipped stitches, broken thread, etc. I think this time, since I stayed SUPER simple, I actually achieved success!   I used Isocord (Isacord?) machine embroidery polyester thread for all the sewing. it’s super fine, but WAY strong.   I put in a […]

Dress for my butterfly

  I had some pretty lawn, and an idea, so late Sunday night, I drafted a quick pattern, and whipped this out. She loved how light and cool it was. I’ll hem it before she wears it again, and next time, I’ll put some piping to accentuate the curved top. Or use contrasting fabrics, or […]

All green scrappy trip along. Finished!

Strips of all my greens, and greens donated by friends. Bordered in Kona Kiwi, backed in Spot On Extra Wide (in green, obvi), and bound in Kona textured, blue. Quilted in off-centered “organic” concentric circles with green Wonderfil 50wt. The boy is VERY happy.

Happy Birthday to ME! (and to Baby Crockett!)

ok. grab a box of tissues. in 2010, my WONDERFUL amazing husband made this video for me for my birthday (I turned 30 that year) Happy Birthday 2010 from Christopher Burke on Vimeo. I don’t remember why I didn’t get one in 2011, but that’s all I wanted for my birthday in 2012, so, from […]

Birthday/camp sewing

This boy turned 7 this week. he requested a full Luke Skywalker/Jedi costume. Pants (pegged so they bunch up), Tunic (over a white t-shirt, and with the flappy vest-y bits sewn on to a simple shirt), and, of course, the jedi robe. he also “needed” (I.e. has been hinting since Xmas that he would really […]

Sew.Quilt.Give June blocks: Roundtrip

  Directions for making 8×8″ unfinished blocks If desired, start by improving some side panels. Side panels will be 8 x 3.75, so make something bigger than that that can be trimmed down.   cut the pieces 2 green side panels that measure 8 x 3.75, and one black or dark grey Road strip that […]

Sneak Preview

The price will be rising after the weekend, but here’s the sneak peak if you want to get it early! Source: BouncyFlouncy Dress via RamonaRose on Craftsy

Snow White (aka: My Crowning Achievement as a Mother)

I dunno if I’ll ever be able to top this. I’m bouncing off the walls with self-pride and anticipation of The Bean’s excitement in the morning.   Look at the perfect pointy waist bit!!!   I put a big red ribbon bow in the back, because…. why not?   it’s a little long, at her […]

Another Robot Dress

  I’m working on getting another dress pattern up and running, and so I have been testing my pattern frantically. One of The Bean’s friends recently had a birthday, and since they’re the same size, I decided to make a dress for her.   Since they’re besties, I thought they might like to have similar […]