ok. grab a box of tissues.
in 2010, my WONDERFUL amazing husband made this video for me for my birthday (I turned 30 that year)

Happy Birthday 2010 from Christopher Burke on Vimeo.

I don’t remember why I didn’t get one in 2011, but that’s all I wanted for my birthday in 2012, so, from 2000 miles away (thanks to WIFI!), my husband sent me this to watch in the hospital room a few hours after giving birth to Baby Crockett

Ramona’s Birthday video: 2012 from Christopher Burke on Vimeo.

(even if you’ve seen them before, feel free to watch them again. they’ll make you cry.)



C has been crazy busy this year, and has promised me a video, but I won’t get it til later this summer.

SO, D took it upon himself to make me a video!

Mama Bday 2013 from Ramona Burke on Vimeo.

he just turned 7 last month, so his camera work is a little shaky, but OMG, it’s the best present I’ve ever gotten!

C added the subtitles, and credits, and did a little editing, but D says he told C exactly what to do.  D is VERY proud of his EP credit at the end.