I love Kona colors….

Nightfall, Buttercup, Bahama, Azure, Aqua, Peacock, Turquoise, and Jade… I’m soooo thrilled that I have the new Kona color yard. Just looking at it gets me inspired… I’ve decided my favorite color is Lagoon. And my bedroom is the exact color of Pacific. I cut up a bunch o strips of the aforementioned colors, and […]

baby sewing…

Another version of my next pattern, (woven cotton sleep sack with swaddle wings)… this time in Kona Modern Quilts (merlot colorway), and the inside is Kona Cerise: I was able to try it on a 5 week old yesterday to test sizing, placement, and it was SO perfect. LOVE it. (This version is going to […]

Crockett has dropped….

…so, I’m starting to panic about getting things done. The kiddos wanted to know why I didn’t make a blanket for Crockett’s basket, and I tried to explain a sleep sack to them. THey didn’t get it. So tonight I made one to show them how he’d sleep. I saw that the new Halo ones […]

Crockett better be a good sleeper….

I amde my kiddos a new boat! and the Bean a new place to play her current favorite game: lost Baby Hug Monster! can you guess what it’s really going to be? It’s a Moses basket for Baby Crockett! I used this pattern, which I had used before to make this Dr Seuss basket for […]