Nightfall, Buttercup, Bahama, Azure, Aqua, Peacock, Turquoise, and Jade…
I’m soooo thrilled that I have the new Kona color yard. Just looking at it gets me inspired… I’ve decided my favorite color is Lagoon. And my bedroom is the exact color of Pacific.

I cut up a bunch o strips of the aforementioned colors, and came up with this throw-sized (60-ish inches, square) quilt

(BTW, the Bean helped with the basting:

she loves smoothing.)

And then I was so excited by Angela’s book, after straightline (diagonal) quilting the center, I went a little crazy in the borders….

It was my first time doing the wavy bits in the dark blue, but I love the “allover leaves” in the outer border… I didn’t use variegated thread, But I did use about 8 different blue threads, finishing a bunch o’ spools…

I haven’t been able to get a good picture of the finished product without a kitty….

neither the front, nor the back…. which used up the rest of my strips, and the rest of my solids, and then a length of Turquoise….

that was another view of the quilting… from the back…

and this was supposed to be another pic of the quilting, but Radiator just wanted to attack the quilt/me…

Gotta love a quick project. I started this Friday night, and it was done on Monday (plus, you know, all that baby stuff and another quilt top)

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