Robert Kaufman Lawn update

People keep asking about the durability of the new Robert Kaufman lawn (that I clearly rave about constantly, else why would so many people ask)… early in May, I made this dress for the Bean. so 2 months later, it’s still unhemmed, (though I did manage to iron it today before she put it on) […]

Valentine dress for the Bean

working the kinks out of another dress idea… this is the second attempt. the first went prefectly, but I had no pattern, and didn’t write anything down… recreating is always harder than just winging it… luckily, she’s cute no matter what. fabric is RK pomegranate and some soon-to be released hearts (scraps from when I […]

a BUNCH of Sailor Pants for D

The boy-o put in a request for lots more sailor pants, which I love for summer, because a) they cover his knees so he gets cut up less, b) they look really stinkin’ cute on him. Right? I cut out a big pile on Sunday, and sewed a lot yesterday, so today he has 5 […]

London Calling quilt….

Robert Kaufman is making some AMAZINGLY soft fabric, (lawn) with BEAUTIFUL floral prints (London Calling). When I felt it pre-spring-market, I asked if I could design a quilt with it, because it’s SO soft and nice… I finally got the chance, and even got to hand quilt it. I’ve NEVER felt such a cuddly quilt […]

Baby Crockett!

Ok, little dude, feel free to come any time now. (or go ahead and wait the full six more weeks, whichever you prefer).You have an outfit! Hat: thanks to my awesome friend Alissa, Shirt and Pants, made of Robert Kaufman Essex Linen scraps from D’s costume. (shirt is Newborn Kimono shirt from Purl Bee, pants […]

Vintage Davy Crockett

I bought a vintage Davy Crockett costume pattern on etsy a few weeks ago, and then got ahold of some gorgeous Essex Linen (in Camel), and gave up on finding nice vinyl or leather fringe, and accepted the faux stuff they sell at Joann. Luckily it came together really well, and the boy-o woke up […]

using up scraps/experimenting

So, as mentioned before, I have a million scraps leftover from market… so I’ve been playing… A long long time ago, I pinned a gorgeous quilt on pintrest, but the poster didn’t know the name of her pattern, it was a family heirloom… I finally tracked down the name, maybe (Missouri Starflower, maybe?) but still […]

Magical Rainbows quilt (finished!)

Another WIP crossed off my list! After I made the Kona banner for the We Love Color market booth, I had a yummy stack of all the new Kona colors, so I quickly cut them up and whipped this out. It’s a mildly wonky log cabin, measuring in at 57×74″, so it’s awesome for the […]