I bought a vintage Davy Crockett costume pattern on etsy a few weeks ago, and then got ahold of some gorgeous Essex Linen (in Camel), and gave up on finding nice vinyl or leather fringe, and accepted the faux stuff they sell at Joann. Luckily it came together really well, and the boy-o woke up today (his birthday), and found this complete costume awaiting…

He’s actually using it to play “Woods Runner” (because he loved the book by Gary Paulsen), not Davy, but that’s the joy of costumes, right?

the fringe was stiff and icky feeling, so we washed and dried it really quickly this morning, hence the wrinkles, but the essex is so soft and wonderful, that he’s loving it.

the tough faces are due entirely to his needing to hide from the Hessians and Redcoats, not because he’s unhappy about the costume or photos. Fully in character.