So, as mentioned before, I have a million scraps leftover from market… so I’ve been playing…
A long long time ago, I pinned a gorgeous quilt on pintrest, but the poster didn’t know the name of her pattern, it was a family heirloom… I finally tracked down the name, maybe (Missouri Starflower, maybe?) but still couldn’t find a pattern or tute, so I experimented, and made it!

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close, so I’m happy. If I do a whole quilt, I’d enlarge it, but I wanted to try it small first. it’s more coaster sized than potholder sized, but I sewed a loop on anyway, and it’s hanging by my stove now. ┬áThe quilting isn’t perfect either, but….

If I do it for real, I’d hand applique (or maybe freezer paper) the center circle, instead of machine stitching it, so it wouldn’t be so heavily thread-y right there….

(BTW, fabrics are new Darlene Zimmerman, Kona Coal, and Kona Cerise, with a new cream colored Kona for binding.)

A few days ago, Angela posted about how she quilted the KMQ quilt I made… Originally, we were going to do each block with it’s mirror right next to it, but instead we put all the printed blocks together, and all the pieced blocks together…. and I wound up with 1 set left over. so I put them together, and here’s the result:

the right side is the printed side, and the left was my mirror image piecing. I used a scrap of binding from the picnic quilt I made last week, and backed it with a scrap of Kona Coal.

Here’s the back. I suck at stippling, but this pattern totally works for me, even though I dunno what it’s called. It reminds me of butterfly wings…

what is it about cats and quilts, anyway. this is a mini (maybe 9″ x 17″?), and was only on the ground for the 3 minutes I took the pics of the front and back, but look what happened: