mini-cathedral windows

here’s the finished product, after playing last weekend… I gave up on the hand stitching, and used my machine…   the whole thing measures almost 5″ square. I love the backsides of C-Ws I think I might need to make an Orange-peel quilt sometime soon… I love the contrast stitching on the back… I still […]

Laminate. Ick.

Ok, so I LOVE the finished product, but working with laminated cotton isn’t all that much fun. Tonight, instead of quilts, I got to make some really cute bags and bibs from some REALLY cute fabrics… These bibs were made with the pattern in “Simple Sewing for Baby” by Lotta Jansdotter (I’m SO proud of […]


I’ve been shooting iPhone pics of designs I like, and I thought I’d share them… Um. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t show pics I’ve taken while driving at high speeds. Moving right along… (pun sort of intended) I finished the Swoon quilt for Robert Kaufman yesterday, and, um– I might have gotten carried away with the […]

Selvedges and order.

So I made 1 of the 9 Swoon blocks (with soon-to-be-released Fiesta fabrics, by Robert Kaufman) last night, and did all the cutting for all the blocks… In order to stay organized as I chain piece, I used my selvedge trimmings to mark which fabrics (there are 18, plus background) go where. I trimmed at […]


I got some embroidery done this morning, while waiting for my kiddos to come home from school… I love the look of lazy daisies and French knots. These are teeny, like, smaller than a dime: I have been working on my bag pattern, but just got another quilt top dropped off, and I’m SO excited. […]

a little quilt marking tip (and more finished projects)

So, you know when you have to draw diagonal lines on squares? Sometimes I don’t have a fancy water-soluble pen handy, and chalk rubs off if you’re doing hundreds of squares at a time (ask me how I know)… but if you try to mark with a sharp pencil, especially a regular 2B pencil, sometimes […]


The kiddos and I are sorting through that giant bin o’ stuff. So far I have a bias bin, a ribbon bin, and a piping/hem tape bin. Hopefully I can figure out how to get it a little more organized.

New bag (and a name request)

I’m a total dork. One late night last week, I changed my start-up screen on my sewing machine so it greets me now. I laugh everytime I see it. Here’s another quilt top for market, the Lorax in the Bright colorway… D really wants me to make him the one in the Earth colorway. Not […]

busy worker bee

So my awesome friend Alissa (whom you probably have all heard of) recommended me to someone at Robert Kaufman (yeah, THE Robert Kaufman) to sew samples for them. within the day, I recieved fabric for the 1st top (luckily I just piece the tops, then they are going to Angela (!!!) for quilting, then they […]

Cal-King Double-Wedding-Ring quilt, DONE.

C just sent me the pictures he took of it, all hanging and flat and well lit at his office… (it doesn’t live there, I just made him take it there to photograph it for me, as we don’t have the space to do so here) I love how ombre it is. LOVE LOVE LOVE […]