So my awesome friend Alissa (whom you probably have all heard of) recommended me to someone at Robert Kaufman (yeah, THE Robert Kaufman) to sew samples for them. within the day, I recieved fabric for the 1st top (luckily I just piece the tops, then they are going to Angela (!!!) for quilting, then they are going to the Fall Quilt Market (!!!!!!!!). I might have peed my pants with excitement. Quilts that I made will be quilted by Angela and then shown at Market.
I’m gonna say that again, just because it’s awesome.

try to guess what this is?

Quilts that I pieced (like the teaser ones above and below) will be quilted by Angela and then shown at Market.

I am such a dork, I know, but seriously, this is cool.  Even if I don’t have any say in the fabric or pattern.

wanna know the coolest part? I get paid. Well! Especially considering that I can do the work at home while my children sleep.  The turnaround times have been very tight, though.   (and I have the option of getting paid in FABRIC!!!!)

so, uh, I’m kinda busy right now.

Since Tuesday night , I have pieced 3 tops, taken 1 apart because the directions were wrong, cut 2 more, and now I have till Monday to finish the 2 that I’ve got cut. 4 (5?) tops in a week. the smallest of which is 60×75″, BTW.  Nothin’ Crib sized here. But I am having OH SO MUCH FUN.  It’s possible that I ordered nearly $400 worth of fabric today.  Linen and silk and twill and velveteen and corduroy and poplin and even some regular cotton (gingham, FQ collections and lots of dots).  I’m not admitting anything; I don’t want to incriminate myself.

Now I need to go deal with that giant stack of fabric that just got dropped off on my porch.

yeah, it's a mess. that's what 5 tops at once will do.

(the big stack in front is for 3 quilts, with some strips of #4 near by, and directions for 2 on the ironing board. The pile of stuff in the back of the picture is everything I was working on before this all started.)

I’m not supposed to post anything but teasers until Market, but, just FYI, I’m gonna have some awesome giveaways coming up, because I can’t POSSIBLY use all this up. (I give them the finished tops, but they don’t want all the leftovers, which have been almost enough to make a whole ‘nother quilt!)