I’ve been shooting iPhone pics of designs I like, and I thought I’d share them…

Um. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t show pics I’ve taken while driving at high speeds.

Moving right along… (pun sort of intended)
I finished the Swoon quilt for Robert Kaufman yesterday, and, um– I might have gotten carried away with the scraps!

20110925-232458.jpg I was going to make a few pin cushions, a la Craftopia’s tutorial, but after sewing one top, I just kept going

And going

and going    et cetera

Here’s a pic of 5 of the 9 I made yesterday. You can see that I was a little over excited…

then again, so was my hubs. I asked for shots of the blocks, and he got all artsy on me:

luckily, he’s really good at artsy, so I totally don’t mind.
To slow things down, I grabbed some scraps of a magenta-y Kona and embarked upon an experiment to make teeny Cathedral Windows. Here’re 9 1.125″ blocks:

I’ve been slowly adding 1″ squares and hand sewing them in place: