I’m a total dork. One late night last week, I changed my start-up screen on my sewing machine so it greets me now. I laugh everytime I see it.

Here’s another quilt top for market, the Lorax in the Bright colorway… D really wants me to make him the one in the Earth colorway. Not sure when THAT’s gonna happen.

Check out my new bag! I fell in love with a similar bag my friend Catey had (Hi Catey!) because of the zipper and the handle, so yesterday I drafted it and whipped out this muslin: (which is being modeled by my LOVELY friend Jenny)

I’m working on another one right now… Obvi, it has a zipper inner pocket and a cell pocket, and plenty of room for wallet, notebook, and knitting, without being too huge. I’m also gonna draft a version to make this into a toddler-mom bag. it’s not quite big enough for diapers, but is totally big enough for 2 sippy cups and a few toy cars or a crayon roll up. (Julie’s request. I loooove requests)
It could use a name though. Other than Catey’s Bag, which is how I’ve been thinking of it. I was also thinking of something alliterative with Hobo, since it’s a hobo bag. The name I like best wins the finished pattern, and the notions to make your own. (if there are multiple entries with the same best name, I’ll randomly select one)
Thank you!