Little tiny apron!

The Bean was desperate last night for an apron of her own (not a smock, for babies, but a REAL apron, like mama. she chose this squirrel print from my stash (along with about 12 others), and then I used some scraps of blue shirting to put on the ruffle and waistband. Within seconds of […]

Etsy store!

ok, I’m gonna try it.  I’m opening an etsy store, Ramona Rose Stitchery.  right now it’s just little dresses, but hopefully it’ll expand soon into PDF sewing patterns, knitting designs, and embroidery…. I’m super nervous about it for some reason…. Maybe because it’s always been just for fun, but this is sorta the start of something […]

on the fence…

I’m not sure how much I love this one…. I decided to try the Aviatrix pattern without a full horizontal stripe, or a vertical stripe, and either the missing stripe or the pastel colors have made this version rather ho-hum…. but then I put it on her, and it’s SO cute! it zips up the […]

State Fair Frock….

I got totally inspired by this fabric yesterday…. it took about 6 hours, with lots of kidlet interruption along the way…  but the finished result is SO cute, I’m sure I’ll make this again and again.  the blue part is all shirred with elastic thread, so it’s stretchy, and then there’s a bow in the back […]

Skirt-to-dress refashion…

I started this about a month ago, but finally finished it last night (hand sewing… sigh. I LOVE it, but finding the time….)For some reason, The Bean is super pouty right now, but also insists on wearing this, so I needed to get pics before it gets stained by… whatever it is this 2 year […]

Trident General Store!

The Bean is already on dress number 3 today (it’s noon, after all), so here’re some shots of her wearing the dress I made last night for Trident General Store


A friend of mine has a local T-shirt company, and I asked for her messed up shirts, so I could play with them…. She had a mens XL, which had 2 tridents on it, instead of one, and was on the wrong brand of t-shirt, so I chopped it to bits, and made this… It’s […]

Snake trails part 2

look here for the first part of the tute… so here you can see the heavily pieced template, all cut out… and here are some corner bits, all sewn together…. I didn’t string piece any of these, but cut them out using the newspaper as a pattern.  I’m not huge on precision, so I actually […]

Snake trails part 1

Ok, so this is the finished block I’m having my Bee make this month, for a big quilt for D… I’ve sent everyone enough to make 2 of these blocks, if possible…so each packet has 4 grey/black 1/4circles (the roads), newspaper templates of the center piece and corner pieces, and lots of scraps (both my […]

If at first you don’t succeed…

Try iPhone pictures.and here’s a link to the real picture, which somehow automatically went to the picasa web album, but won’t show up on the blog I personally think the door is pretty enough to merit all this fuss and frustration. but I defninitely DON’T have the energy to post the pretty new dresses I’ve […]