look here for the first part of the tute
so here you can see the heavily pieced template, all cut out…
and here are some corner bits, all sewn together….
I didn’t string piece any of these, but cut them out using the newspaper as a pattern. 
I’m not huge on precision, so I actually didn’t pin, but just started out holding the edges even, with the smaller piece on top, and the grey 1/4 circles on the bottom…. (Convex on top of concave, RST), and stretched them to fit as I sewed them…. most turned out totally fine.
once the corner pieces are done, I pressed them flat, and sewed a corner piece to each center piece, again, convex on top of concave.
press again, (however you want), and admire….
I sent everyone enough to do 2 blocks, hope that’s ok… please don’t attach them to each other though, I’m gonna scramble them up…. 
Please feel free to keep any and all scraps, or send back, and also feel free to use your own scraps, if they’re mostly green…. embroidery, etc is also welcome….
YAY! thank you so much!