A friend of mine has a local T-shirt company, and I asked for her messed up shirts, so I could play with them….
She had a mens XL, which had 2 tridents on it, instead of one, and was on the wrong brand of t-shirt, so I chopped it to bits, and made this…
It’s reversible (front-back, not inside-out), since I couldn’t decide which I liked better…Hopefully it will both fit her 3year old little girl, and be a fun advertisement for Trident General Store….
I want more big shirts now, as it was super fun to do, and I think the finished product will be comfy and cute on Kate….I love setting Project Runway style challenges for myself (wait till you see the dress I just made from a friend’s skirt! tomorrow, hopefully), so tonight it was 2 finished dresses, the one above made using ONLY the tshirt, not adding any fabrics…. FUN!
I’ve had my hands full this week with our new chicks, we now have 4 new chickens (pictured here is The Bean’s Cochin, Sue, being fed by D, and held by me), all between 6 and 10 weeks. so cute! more pictures to come!
oh, and my cat, always desperate for attention, decided to be a bird himself today (possibly to make up for the one he killed earlier in the week), and nested in some wreaths…. the chalk around him is so pastel-y and eastery, I couldn’t stop laughing at him….