Ok, so this is the finished block I’m having my Bee make this month, for a big quilt for D…
I’ve sent everyone enough to make 2 of these blocks, if possible…
so each packet has 4 grey/black 1/4circles (the roads), newspaper templates of the center piece and corner pieces, and lots of scraps (both my own, and scraps from friends)…
the blocks will be 8.5″ square, so when the quilt is finished the blocks will be 8″ square….
the first step is to string piece the newspaper templates…. you ladies are all so talented, I’m sure you already 
know how to paper/string piece, but if you want a refresher, click here or here ( I like the 2nd link because you only sew through the paper 1 time, making it easier to rip off later, but feel free to do it however you like!) String pieces can be HUGE (1 piece of fabric for the whole piece), small (all string pieced), or anywhere in between. please use more solids than novelties, if possible, as the novelties should be a novelty, and I don’t want to make the quilt look like scrap vomit, but rather like an old rag quilt.
anyway, after you sew enough strips to cover the newspaper, press, flip, and use the newspaper as a template and cut it out.
like so….
now switch over to the other part of the tute, for the rest….

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