My kids have really big heads, so they’re going to be awesomely smart when they grow up, right?
I wanted to make a hooded raincoat for the Bean, but I know she has a GIANT noggin, just like her brother/dad/both-of-her-grandmothers, so I wanted to test my pattern/sizing before cutting into the cotton laminate…
The Bean had spotted this lightweight corduroy at the Cotton Shop when we were there last week, and I’d bought her a yard, with no real plan in mind…. I tend to hate black, and not like putting my little ones in black either, but it’s ladybugs, so… whatcanyado?

I think it’s a hit!

I made this more like a swing coat, it’s really flared, almost like a circle skirt….

the hood is lined (with the same thrifted red-n-white floral I’ve been using for a year, and I still have SEVERAL yards left on the bolt!)

and I added a little rose on the outside, just because…
She’s tiny enough that even cutting with the nap of the corduroy, I have plenty left over from my 1 yard of fabric to make her babydoll a matching dress!
(I also added a small pocket on the outside, after she wore it, because she insisted it needed to have a treat pocket.)

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