This one is defninitely a coat, not a dress!

I was able to make the other two in about an hour or so each.
this one took much longer, 4-5 hours. ick.
I’m not a fan of laminated cotton, after all. Even if it is “Lindy Leaf” by Heather Bailey.
but it came out SO well!

I lined the hood with red Minkee scraps that I had…

and the inside is “Picnic Bouquet,” in Moss, also by Heather Bailey

I *heart* this fabric line, and have used it for a shirt for D, a shirt for C, (which I still haven’t put snaps on. even though I “gave” it to him on his birthday… MUST DO ASAP! and then will photograph!), and I have small cuts of several other fabrics in the line to make the Bean a dress… at some point…
luckily, she LOVES wearing this coat, and insisted on wearing it all day yesterday, even though we were mostly inside, and she was sweating.

(updated to add a picture of the lining… and a cat.)

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