Month: September 2010

Apple Dress

the pleated jumper pattern I drafted a few days ago, plus an apple pocket and some puffed sleeves! the apple pocket is VERY much appreciated by the bean…. and I love the flare of the skirt…. tres Shirley Temple, n’est pas? the apple fabric is a remnant from Joann, and the apple pocket is from …

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My kids may have lots of awesome, cute, tailor-made (or mama-made) clothes, but during record-breaking heat, they prefer nudity, so I have no adorable modeling photos tonight. I’m pattern-testing right now. I really want to make the Bean some Shirley Temple-esque dresses… modernized for easier construction, but with that really-expensive-vintage look… First up, to check …

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Bean pants!

Finally finished the Yale knit pants, using Blackberry Ridge worsted wool…. I think I'm going to use duplicate stitch to embroider YALE down the left leg's outseam….I also just whipped up a pair of jeans for her out of an old pair of my jeans (from express, pre-babies), with a fold-over ribbed waistband. 20 minutes, …

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