the pleated jumper pattern I drafted a few days ago, plus an apple pocket and some puffed sleeves!

the apple pocket is VERY much appreciated by the bean….

and I love the flare of the skirt…. tres Shirley Temple, n’est pas?

the apple fabric is a remnant from Joann, and the apple pocket is from some polished cotton remnant…
I shirred the cuffs of the sleeves, put an invisible zipper in the back….
we’ll see how this zipper survives the laundry here…. It’s one of a pack I bought at Marukai, which is an awesome Japanese store (sorta like a small Target, in that they have groceries, housegoods, stationary… like CVS without the pharmacy?) near me… they have the coolest zippers, and the cheapest… instead of $1.50-ish each, they have PACKS of 3-5 invisible zippers (depending on the length) for $1.29…. but instead of having fabric sides, they have what feels like fine polyester webbing…. I’m intrigued….
Now I just need to go through the button jar with her to find something awesome for the top closure….
while I type this, she’s systematically coating the front of this dress in vanilla yoghurt, so I’ve got to go do some laundry….

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